Hello; I’m Chris, a nightlife photographer based in Los Angeles.

Legendary DJ Francois K talks about the early days of his career with Remix Editor Kylee Swenson. He says that it was not marketing or a polished sales pitch, but persistence and a deep love of music that made things happen for him.

He says:

I was interested in the music, the beat, the parties, and the beauty of what it all accomplished. There was no marketing or business plan or ambitions. It was all about sharing my love for music. I gave myself totally to it, and I found a way to express my passion and connect with people.

I feel the same way. I create images because I love to share my passion with others. I believe that the energy I convey comes from my deep appreciation and understanding of what makes a great DJ set or night. I am thankful that the promoters and party people I connect with understand this. Creative energy is important to a central dancing experience, and I want to make people dance and capture a moment in time. It is up to the viewer to determine what that picture made them feel at a certain time. Be present.